Some of the best Master of Business Administration programs in the world are located in New England. Whether you want to swim in the ivy leagues or are looking for a bargain education, East Coast schools can meet your needs.

Top Business Schools

New England boasts several of the top business schools in the country. The Northeast corner of the country is home to four of the top ten business schools, according to "Bloomberg Businessweek," including Harvard, Pennsylvania, Cornell and MIT. New England is also home to the Ivy League schools, eight institutions in the Northeastern United States considered to be among the most well-respected in the wold. Those not represented in the top ten include Dartmouth, Yale and Princeton.

State Schools

In addition to top-notch private schools, New England is home to numerous state universities with prestigious business schools. Pennsylvania State and the University of Buffalo rank in the top 100 graduate business programs. The University of Connecticut and the University of Massachusetts also offer great MBA programs at public school rates.

Part-Time Options

If you're currently a working professional who cannot attend full-time graduate school, several high-quality schools are available in New England that offer part-time options. New York University, Carnegie Mellon and University of Maryland-College Park all offer part-time programs ranked in the top 25 business schools nationwide, according to "U.S. News and World Report's" 2013 rankings. Since many employers offer tuition reimbursement for work-related coursework, part-time graduate school is an enticing option.

Online Programs

Most online programs are headquartered at brick and mortar universities and have some residency requirements. This makes online education an attractive option for those that live outside of New England but would still like an MBA from one of its fine institutions. Clarkson University, Marist College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and University of Massachusetts Amherst all offer online programs that have been recognized for their level of accreditation, student services and admissions selectivity.

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