Many cash-strapped colleges seek to improve their financial solvency by drawing more students to their campus. If you're asked to create a marketing plan to increase enrollment at an institution of higher education, consider some simple ways in which you can show potential students not only why your institution is a good place to attend but also how attending the school will benefit them.

Earning Potential Comparison

For many potential college students, money talks. Make the monetary value of college clear to potential students through your recruitment campaign material. Gather statistics that compare the average salaries of individuals with and without a college degree. Place this information on billboards and in a brochure to ensure that potential students recognize that, while expensive, attending your institution will pay off in the end.

To customize this campaign to your school, gather salary information on jobs that graduates of your institution will leave ready to fill, pointing out that attending your college opens up an array of lucrative job possibilities.

Career Profiles

Give potential students a glimpse of what life might be like, if they elect to attend your college, by creating career profiles. Instead of simply listing jobs that graduates in different majors will be qualified to fill, provide detailed information about each job, including images of people working in that capacity, salary information and details that point out the benefits of working in that field. Place these profiles in your recruitment material in place of standard career lists to make the materials more engaging and attention-getting. This likely will help potential students retain the job-related information better.

Alumni Showcase

Use your alumni to your advantage by showcasing particularly successful former students. Contact alumni who have made a name for themselves and ask that they lend their faces to your enrollment efforts. Create billboards or posters featuring these individuals. Include their photos along with facts about their time at your institution and quotes from them about the quality of your college.

When placing these enrollment-enhancing advertisements, do so carefully, considering the intended audience. For example, if one of your advertisements features a professional athlete, consider having the billboard placed near a sports stadium or hanging posters featuring this individual in sports-related sites. This increases the likelihood that individuals who would be impressed by this display will see it.

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