TI-83 calculators are some of the most popularly used and commonly owned calculators among students. In addition to their seemingly limitless mathematical capabilities, Texas Instruments (TI) calculators feature games, simulators and study tools. StudyCards is a study tools app designed for TI calculators, such as the TI-83, that allows the student to create and study flashcards for any subject. Following a few quick steps can help you convert your TI-83 math calculator into the ultimate multi-subject study tool.

Download the TI Connect Software from the Texas Instruments site (see References). This program can be downloaded to your PC or Mac and allows you to link your TI-83 to your computer.

Connect your TI-83 to your computer using your TI Connectivity USB Cable.

Download the StudyCards app from the Texas Instruments website (see Resources) if your calculator does not have this application. This program is compatible with 10 Texas Instruments calculators, including the TI-83 Plus and TI-83 Plus Silver Edition. Many Texas Instruments calculators already have the StudyCards application program preloaded to the calculator.

Download the StudyCards Creator Software from the Texas Instruments website (see References).

Use the StudyCards Creator Software to create, edit and transfer your study cards (which are referred to as “stacks”). If you need help using the program, you can access the Help feature by pressing your F1 key.

Transfer your stack to your calculator by clicking the "Actions" button in the StudyCards Creator. Select “Send to Device.”


Organizations such as the College Board have pre-created StudyCards that can be downloaded to help you prepare for exams such as the SAT and AP exam.

If your Texas Instruments did not come with a connectivity cable, you can purchase a TI Connectivity Kit from the Texas Instruments website.

If you want to use symbols or images in your stack, it is easier to first type your information in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste the information into Microsoft Paint, and save the Paint file as bitmap. A Bitmap file can be inserted into your card stack.

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