Archeology is the study of ancient civilization and culture through the excavation and examination of various artifacts and other physical remnants. Archaeologists incorporate aspects of anthropology and art history to look for cultural links between the ancient world and modern civilization. Students interested in pursuing archeology degrees can do so at the undergraduate or graduate level. Programs vary widely in focus and theme, so prospective students should consider their particular interests and goals before applying.

Yale University

Yale University’s Council on Archeological Studies offers undergraduate and graduate programs in archeology. Students of either program study Old and New World cultures through course work in art history, history and anthropology. Both programs require students to participate in a hands-on excavation experience in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. "State University" ranks Yale’s master’s program in archeology as one of the most popular archeology programs in the United States.

Columbia University

Columbia University’s Department of Art History and Archeology offers undergraduate and graduate degrees geared toward art history. Doctoral students can choose from a variety of specializations, such as Aegean, Greek and Roman; western Medieval and Byzantine; and Ancient Near Eastern art and archeology. Every student admitted into the Ph.D. program receives full funding, including tuition and a stipend. En route to their doctoral degrees, graduate students earn their master’s degree.

University of Southern California

Through its Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, University of Southern California offers an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in archeology. By taking required upper division classes such as interdisciplinary studies in classical art; theory and field methods in archeology; and advanced near-eastern and Mediterranean archeology, undergraduate students learn how to study ancient cultures through examination of those cultures’ material records.

University of Florida

University of Florida offers doctoral Ph.D. programs with specializations available in archeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, forensic anthropology and medical anthropology. Graduate students are mentored by faculty advisers, from whom they receive individualized attention while working through course and seminar requirements. The program incorporates four fields of anthropology that are most directly associated with the field of archeology: sociocultural, archaeological, linguistic and biological anthropology.

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