U.S. News and World Reports (USNWR) conducts rankings of the best universities. MAT Degree, a guide to MAT programs, compiled the the list of top 10 universities offering the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) according to USNWR. The MAT is an advanced degree offered to existing educators wishing to enhance their credentials and non-teaching professionals who wish to become educators. The Princeton Review, which also ranks colleges and universities, has included all 10 of USNWR's top 10 universities listed here, in its rankings of the best universities, as well.

Columbia University Teachers College

Columbia University Teachers College (CUTC) in New York was founded in 1887 and ranks as the number one university in MAT Rankings. It is the oldest and largest Graduate School of Education in America. CUTC certifies teachers in New York and offers dual programs for Master of Arts in Teaching for Social Studies, English as a Second Language, History, Early Childhood and Art.

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University Peabody College of Education & Human Development, ranking second, is a highly regarded educational institution. The founder of Vanderbilt University Susan Gray is credited with research that led to the creation of the Head Start program. Vanderbilt University programs are for current teachers, as well as those aspiring to teach.

John Hopkins University

John Hopkins University ranks third in MAT Rankings universities and offers the MAT degree in the State of Maryland. John Hopkins offers four unique concentrations ranging from Elementary Education to Secondary Education and English as a Second Language. The specialized programs offered are: SIMAT - a full-time program which can be completed in one year, ProMAT -- a full-time 18 month paid program in concert with Montgomery County Public School district, FlexMAT -- a part-time program for working professionals who wish to become teachers and AMAT -- a program for undergraduates wishing to earn a master's degree and teacher's certification. AMAT candidates must be John Hopkins students.

University of California at Los Angeles

University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) uniquely offers the Master of Arts in Teaching through its academic specialties rather than as a School of Education degree. This means the Department of History would award a Master of Arts in Teaching (History) to a graduate. Programs are managed with a Coordinating Committee and the Dean of the Graduate Division of the academic specialty.

University of Texas/Dallas

University of Texas/Dallas:Department of Science/Mathematics Education (UTD) ranks fifth among the top ten. UTD's Master of Arts degrees are offered exclusively in Science and Mathematics and the MAT in Science can lead to a doctoral degree.

Ohio State University

Ohio State University (OSU) ranks sixth in the list and offers a program for elementary, middle and high school educators. OSU's Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning degree includes Art, Early Childhood, Reading, English and Science. OSU's education programs are broader than other institutions: covering social services education, art education, History, science museums and recreation.

Michigan State University

Michigan State University (MSU), number seven in MAT Rankings, is a brick and mortar institution, however they also offer the Master of Arts in Teaching & Curriculum in an online education format. Their programs are for existing teachers, as well as, aspiring teachers. MSU also offers an international cross-cultural teachers program.

Boston College

Boston College, number eight in MAT Rankings, has been described as having the most comprehensive offerings in the Master of Arts in Teaching for English. Boston College programs are for those aspiring to teach secondary education in English. Additionally, Boston College enables graduates to become licensed in Physics, Mathematics, Classical Humanities History, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, French, Spanish and Latin.

Brown University

Brown University, number nine in MAT Ranking, offers The Master's of Arts in Teaching hand in hand with the teacher's certification in elementary or secondary education. Scholars may specialize in History, English, Social Studies, Biology, Chemistry or Physics and in grades K through 12. Brown University offers 4 program concentrations: Intensive-a 12 month program, Collaborative-a coaching model with coursework and placement, Hands-On-a summer long student teaching experience supplemented with coursework, Personalized-an customized program guided by faculty.

University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh (UOP), ranking tenth, offers the Masters of Arts in Teaching for elementary and secondary certifications in the disciplines of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Foreign Language. UOP scholars will complete coursework in Psychology, Reading, Language Arts, Art and Music, then complete a Portfolio of Professional Practice as well as a research project.

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