Every year students need a fresh set of school supplies to start the school year in the right direction. Typically, schools send a list of supplies to students during the summer. However, other school districts supply a list on the first day of school or during registration when kids pick up new class schedules. In addition, school supplies differ slightly from school to school, but there are basic supplies that every seventh grader should have no matter what school she attends.


Notebooks come in various sizes filled with 60 to 100 sheets of lined paper. However, notebooks also can have three to five subject dividers. The sheets either are college-ruled or wide-ruled. In addition, some notebooks are wire-bound or tape-bound. The notebooks have a variety of cover designs, from solid colors and marble covers to artistic and cartoon character designs. Typically, a student will need six to seven notebooks, depending on the number of classes throughout the day.


Students need No. 2 pencils for writing class assignments. Old-school pencils that you must sharpen before you write are readily available in office supply stores and retail stores. In addition, mechanical pencils in which you need to refill the lead are suitable for class use. Purchase at least five packs of 12 lead No. 2 pencils or five packs of 12 mechanical pencils.


Students will need blue and black pens for general writing. In addition, most teachers require a red pen for checking and marking assignments. Office supply stores have a host of types of pens, from ballpoint pens and fountain pens to roller ball pens and gel pens. Students need five packs of 12 blue or black pens or a combination of both. In addition, students need one pack of 12 red pens.

Pocket Folders

Pocket folders keep students’ class materials organized and neatly in one place. Most school lists require pocket folders with prongs in the middle fold. However, some schools simply request folders with two pockets. Office supply and retail stores typically stock a variety of portfolio folders, such as folders with reinforced edges, character-designed folders and folders that can go in binders. Typically, students can start the first day of school with seven pocket folders, but purchase at least 12 pocket folders because some teachers require a take-home folder and a folder to stay inside of class.

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