American Sign Language is used by deaf people and those communicating with deaf people in the United States, Canada and some parts of Mexico. Even though the United States and England use English as their main language, both nations do not use the same sign language. The United States uses American Sign Language and England uses British Sign Language. If you would like to learn the basics of American Sign Language there are a few websites you should try.

Go to (see Resources) and learn the first 100 signs of the American Sign Language. To help you do this they have downloadable sign language wallpapers and graphics, and a screensaver. For more comprehensive training, the site provides finger spelling practice tools and learning tools and a full course on American Sign Language.

Set up an account with ASLPro. This is a useful site for teachers and students alike. Teachers can use it to create personalized practice tests and quizzes for students. Students can practice on these quizzes with help from their teacher or complete them on their own. The quizzes provide finger spelling, religious signs and commonly used signs. ASLpro also provides dictionaries for religions and conversations, and ASL for babies.

Try Lesson Tutor's American Sign Language home course. This website offers a comprehensive list of courses available to learn American Sign Language. You can start with their free lessons. Some of the topics these cover include the ASL alphabet, conjunctions, introducers, pronouns and commonly used signs. The site also offers ASL warm-up sessions for those about to go back to school. Printable flash cards -- including basic ASL signs and baby signs -- are available at the store for purchase.

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