With more than 380 million native speakers, English is one of the most frequently used languages in the world. English is spoken throughout the United States, Britain, Australia and parts of Canada. Whether you want to learn English to travel or simply for your own personal improvement, tips and tricks will give you a variety of ways to study and master the English language.

Review English grammar lessons daily. Whether you are enrolled in a class or are learning English on your own, set aside time each day to study. Review important grammatical patterns, popular words and frequently used expressions. Reviewing often will ease the difficulty of memorizing large amounts of words.

Practice speaking daily. You may choose to practice your English with your friends or classmates, but also take advantage of English-speaking people you encounter each day. Even if you do not understand everything that the other person says, try to concentrate and decipher a general idea of what they are communicating to you. Speaking with another person forces you to not only listen carefully, but to formulate a response immediately.

Watch English movies to improve your listening skills. Movie dialogue tends to be spoken quickly, much like day-to-day speech. While practicing speaking with class partners and other students is beneficial for developing sentence structure, watching movies forces you to listen intently and challenge yourself constantly.

Play English-speaking games with classmates or on your own. Select a variety of games that challenge you to think quickly and remember vocabulary and grammatical patterns you have studied. Whether you choose to play a role-playing game, word game or puzzle game, remember to speak and listen as much as possible to get the most out of the activity.

Listen to English music. Music makes learning fun. Sometimes even the most difficult words are easy to remember when they're set to a catchy tune. Choose some music you enjoy that contains English lyrics and listen to it frequently. Listening to English music will surround you with popular vocabulary and improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

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