Hi, my name is Stefan. Today, I'm going to be speaking on how to learn new math skills. And a great way to learn new math skills is to be enthused about what you are learning and the way to do that is you want to look at your applications for what you are learning like if the teacher says today we're going to learn rates and we're going to learn velocities, distances and times. I would convert that and say okay, today I'm going to learn the speed or the velocity of race cars and you know, V = D/T, you know, I would change it into things that I know, things that I'm interested in and also, a great way to learn it very quickly is to look at the skills involved in it. If I take the velocity equation here, in order to learn this, I would have to be good with fractions. So I would look at prerequisites as the cauthorn, the V = D/T, D being the distance, T being the time, you know you are going to need to be really good with fractions as you can see. So it would be helpful to go back and review things like fractions and things that's going to help me learn this project and also a good thing to do when learning a new math skill is to look at the word problems that go along with it like if they said a race car travels a distance of 50 and the rate is 25 meters, meters per second. Now if I wanted to find out how long did this take me, I would just do exchanging 50 over 25 so that equals 2. So this is just a great way to learn new math skills.