People move from all over the world to the New York City region, which includes Long Island. With them, they bring their culture and language, which contributes to the vast diversity of the region and country. Even with this diversity, English is still the official language of the U.S. and those wishing to better participate in American society should learn to speak, understand and write in this language. There are many programs available to those who wish to learn English in Long Island, NY.

Take the English Immersion Program given by the YMCA. The center offers both two and four-week long programs for teachers, young professionals and international students. Students will be immersed in the English language eight hours a day -- for a total of 80 to 160 hours. You will not only get instruction, but also participate in activities to strengthen your language skills. Teachers and young professionals will learn how to teach English to students. The cost as of 2011 ranges from $1657 to $5720 depending on the program. You must complete an application and submit a deposit of $1000 to enroll. The YMCA has many branches in and around Long Island including the Long Island City Branch located on Queens Boulevard.

Learn English with a private company called Language Trainers. Language Trainers offer English courses in Long Island and will work around your schedule. Classes can be on any day of the week, at any time. You can arrange one-on-one sessions, or work in a small group. Typical course length is 30 total hours and is divided into two-hour sessions. Cost in 2011 range from $49 to $59 for a single session, or you can split the cost of $59 with one other student by joining a group session.

Sign up for an English language class at Suffolk County Community College in Long Island. Community colleges offer English as a Second Language (ELS) courses for enrolled students. Suffolk also has a full-time intensive English program for students seeking an immersion program. The2011 price for the immersion program is $1215 and it lasts 12 weeks. The cost to enroll in regular, semester long ESL classes is $1888 per semester. This is the total tuition cost and will cover a full load of classes not just your ESL course.

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