Setting out to learn Hindi in 30 days is a challenging goal, but it is possible. Hindi is spoken by more than 300 million of people in India. Hindi is one of India's official languages, and it is most commonly used in the northern part of the country. Practice, self study and conversation with native speakers are some of the techniques to try if you want to learn Hindi.

Set your learning goals and objectives. For example, you may want only enough knowledge to get by as a tourist. Or you may be preparing for a business meeting in India. If you know in advance that you need to learn specialized terms and words, add them to you plan for learning Hindi.

Read through your phrasebook for common phrases such as asking for directions or asking for help. Find 10 to 20 phrases and words of Hindi that you will need to understand. Being able to read the Hindi words for train station, airport and hotel, for example, will come in helpful during a visit to India. You should also learn how to say please, thank you, hello, goodbye and other greetings.

Listen to the Hindi audio course and work through the accompanying workbook, if provided. If you do not wish to purchase an audio course, consult a public library to find out if one is available there. To master pronunciation and accent, you will need to practice over and over again.

Find a native Hindi speaker or tutor to practice your speaking and listening skills. If you do not have any friends who know Hindi, you can either take a course through a local language school or advertise for a conversation partner. If you seek a partner to practice with, ask to put up a few posters at your public library, college or university. Hindi-speaking international students may be willing to practice with you for free, particularly if you can help them in some way such as helping them improve their English skills.

Create 30 flashcards using index cards that cover the most important Hindi words and phrases you want to know. Write the Hindi word on one side and the English word on the other side. Studying using flashcards will allow you to quickly test your knowledge of Hindi.

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