Enterprise Resource Management, or ERP, software programs give companies the ability to manage all of its business tasks and departments in one computer program. This can include the management of the company's sales, human resources and customers all in one database. The complex nature of ERP software requires that users be proficient in its use. Whether you need to learn ERP yourself or find training for several staff members, there are several options for learning ERP as well as learning the basic language of ERP software.

Take college courses in COBOL or Visual Basic. These are basic programming computer languages on which most ERP software programs are based. Many colleges at all levels offer these basic computer courses.

Take a self-training course. Self-training courses are available via the Internet or by using training software that you install on your computer. These programs provide you with the ability to learn at your own pace and review sections as needed.

Take the ERP training courses offered by the vendor of the software your company purchased. These courses cover the information you need for the specific ERP software implemented by the company. At the end of these training courses, participants become certified in the software.

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