The Law School Admissions Test or LSAT is a required standardized examination for students who wish to apply for admission to law school. The exam consists of 101 questions that are scored on a raw scale ranging from 120 (the minimum required score) to 180 (the highest possible score). There are five sections of the exam that will each take 35 minutes to complete. When taking the LSAT, students must fulfill all exam requirements in order to receive a score.

Reading Comprehension

According to the LSAT Center, students must exercise the ability to understand complex passages and the relationship between each part of the passages in the reading comprehension section. The LSAT Center suggests that the best way to successfully pass this portion of the LSAT is by reading quickly and actively while pulling out the most important content of the passages, understanding what the questions are asking, and then eliminating the wrong answer choices.

Analytical Reasoning

The logic game section or analytical reasoning section consists of four games with five to eight questions per section. The student is required to accurately draw diagrams under intense time pressure. Students must be able to understand a system of relationships and draw deductive conclusions using complex diagrams. To pass this portion the LSAT Center suggests carefully identifying the game type in order to accurately draw the diagram and insert the information, then use the results to answer the questions.

Logical Reasoning

According to the LSAT Center, the logical reasoning section constitutes half the LSAT exam because it is comprised of two to three sections which will usually include the unscored variable sample. This portion of the exam requires students to exercise the ability to dissect an argument and determine the assumptions. The sections consist of 24 to 36 questions each. To pass this portion the LSAT Center suggests carefully reading the arguments to spot the logical errors, identifying the way the question is phrased, then finding the correct answer.

LSAT Scoring

The Law School Admissions Council states that only four of the five sections of the LSAT are scored. However, it is still required that test takers complete all sections, including the unscored writing sample and the unscored variable sample. The writing sample is forwarded to the school the student is applying to and the variable sample is used to pretest new test questions. Although most schools evaluate the student's full credentials, according to the Law School Admissions Council, some schools still place greater weight on the LSAT scores. The LSAT Center states that most students score an average of 150 on the LSAT but suggests that students should try to score higher than 160 if they plan to attend any of the top twenty-five law schools such as Harvard or Yale. Students should take the LSAT in June or September, according to the Law School Admissions Council, if they expect to be accepted to law school by the following fall.

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