Multiple choice tests are standard practice within the academic community; therefore, the test-taker should prepare himself in advance by studying thoroughly and understanding the basic concept of the multiple choice exam. The tests consist of a variety of questions either on one subject or multiple subjects, depending on the test-giver's preferences. Most questions contain up to five potential answers, and the test-taker is to decide which is the correct answer. Most multiple choice exams are given in conjunction with another form of test, such as an essay based test or fill-in-the-blank.

Place directions on how to take the test at the top of the test paper. The directions should be clear and concise to understand for the test-taker.

Instruct the test-taker to read each question carefully and look for key words that may change the meaning of the sentence. For example, the question may read, "What is the least possible outcome for this situation?" The key word is "least," which will change the question completely; if the test-taker does not read the question carefully, he may answer for the best possible outcome.

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State what color of pen is to be used to take the test. Standard black or blue ink is typical for testing; however, if the test is standardized, then a pencil may be the tool of choice to fill in the bubbles.

Instruct the test-taker to choose the best answer to her knowledge. If the answer contains more than one correct answer, then let the test-taker know that certain questions may have more than one correct answer.

Advise the test-taker how you want the question to be answered, such as circled or boxed-in. In addition, the test-taker should let the test-taker know what the point value is per question.

Notify the test-taker if there is a time limit on the multiple-choice exam.


  • State any additional rules for test taking in a place other than the testing header, such as no talking or cheating.

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