Letters are a creative and meaningful way to keep in touch, whether you live across the street or across the country from your friend. Letters allow you to think carefully about how you want to express your thoughts, so you get the wording just right, and also keep the issues private. With a camera on your cell phone or an inexpensive digital camera, you can print pictures on each letter that let your friend see what she’s missing in your life.

Just Like Talking

A letter to your friend doesn’t have to read like a novel or a classroom assignment. You can write your letter much the same way you talk to your friend when you are face-to-face. A letter is more like a one-sided conversation where you do all the talking and then wait for your friend to answer back and do all the talking. Your letter can include facts, feelings, humor or anything you share with your friend when you sit together talking -- you just have to wait a while to get your friend’s response. There is no special form you need to follow, because you aren’t going to get a grade on the letter, affirms LetterExamples.org. Just let it flow.

Sharing Feelings

Letters are an effective way to share your feelings, especially when it’s hard to share those feelings face-to-face, according to BestSampleResume.com. Perhaps you and your friend don’t see one another often. A letter can let your friend know how much you miss her. If your friend is someone you trust, you can express feelings about what’s going on in your life and know that your friend will understand, such as how miserable you felt when you broke up with your boyfriend or how mad you were when you got grounded for coming in after curfew. If you’ve just started attending a new school, you can write about how your new school differs from your old one or the new activities you have joined.

Jazz It Up

Letters with pictures are fun to receive because you can see what’s going on with your friend. Use your phone, web camera or digital camera to take pictures and download them to your computer and paste them into your letter. This makes your letter more interesting and enjoyable for your friend. You can also find some cool borders and graphics to paste into your letter to make your communication more colorful and individualized.

Making Memories

Whether you email your letters or send them through regular postal mail, you can use the letters to record this period of your life. If you save the letters, they can be a time capsule of what’s up with you and your friend during this portion of your life. When you are older, you can read through the letters and remember what was going on in your life and perhaps be amazed at what you thought was so important now, but will be less important at a different stage in your life.

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