If you find yourself leaning up against the wall while you watch other people dance together, don't worry. Many people are shy when it comes to dancing with with someone, whether it be slow or fast dancing. Dancing is supposed to be fun -- it can be an invigorating way to express yourself and connect with someone on a physical level. With a little practice and mental preparation, you can overcome your shyness and dance with anyone you want.

Step 1

Think about why you're so shy when it comes to dancing with someone. Sometimes feelings of shyness stem from fear of past bad experiences repeating themselves. Determine where your aversion to dancing with someone comes from and examine the likeliness of anything too bad happening as a result of dancing.

Step 2

Focus on associating feelings of empowerment, triumph or relaxation to dancing. Over time, it's possible to retrain your brain to connect good feelings to dancing instead of feelings of shyness, anxiety or fear. Concentrate on staying relaxed and positive when thinking about dancing.

Step 3

Enroll in dance classes. Start with beginner classes if you feel like you're a terrible dancer, and work your way up to more advanced classes or different styles of dance. Learn how to hear and feel the rhythm of different songs so you know when to move your feet. If you don't have money for dance classes, watching videos of skilled dancers performing various dance styles can help you gain a better understanding of movement as well.

Step 4

Practice dancing at home. Put on some music and rehearse the dance steps or techniques you picked up in front of a mirror. Develop confidence in your ability to dance and have fun in a setting where you feel safe before attempting to dance with someone in public.

Step 5

Go to places where other people are dancing. Being there is half the battle. Observe how other people dance with each other in various settings. Ask a good friend or group of friends to come with you and dance with you once you feel comfortable enough to try it out.

Step 6

Challenge yourself to dance with new people slowly. Set a goal of dancing with a certain number of people, starting at one, and increase your goal over a period of time.

Step 7

Attempt to minimize feelings of self-consciousness when you're dancing with someone. Chances are, not many other people are interested in what you're doing. Focus on the person you're dancing with and having fun with them.


Don't try to be a perfect dancer. Do what feels right to you. If you don't care to dance to a particular song or type of music, don't force yourself to.

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