The Job Corp is a federally funded program run by the United States Department of Labor. It targeted at youths, ages 16 through 24. The Job Corp provides free vocational training, housing, health care, meals and a small living allowance to qualified individuals. Applicants can also earn high school diplomas or a GEDs. The length of training is between eight months and two years depending on your vocational goals. Follow the steps below to join the Job Corp.

Contact the Job Corp in your area through its website or by phone. They have experts who can answer any specific questions you have. You can request an application or download one from the website.

Fill out the application. You must provide financial information to determine your eligibility. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must sign for you to join the Job Corp.

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Sign the applicant'a statement of commitment. Not all who apply are accepted. The Job Corp must determine whether you are committed to adhering to its rules banning violence and drug use, and you must agree to attend all the classes.

Select a vocational goal. There are over 100 vocations to choose from. Job Corp offers training in health care occupations, construction, mechanics, business and other fields.

Go for an applicant interview. Dress neatly and professionally. Arrive on time and be prepared to show your commitment to the program. Answer questions honestly. Bring two forms of identification, an immunization record and your high school transcripts.

Get accepted. You will be assigned to a center based on where you live and your vocational goal. Most participants live in the center.

Pack for the Job Corp. Do not take expensive items like laptop computers or cameras. Bring personal grooming items and toiletries.


  • Talk with a counselor at the Job Corp if you are thinking of leaving the program. A counselor can help to you work through any problems so that you can stick with this valuable program.

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