A crime scene cleanup team comes in following a scene investigation performed by crime scene investigators, firemen and police. This type of cleaning task was once left for families of the victim to handle. It is the crime scene cleanup team's responsibility to decontaminate the scene and restore it to its original condition. All biohazards, including blood and tissue, must be removed based on federal regulations. This type of career requires specific knowledge and involved training. There are schools available for such training.

The National Institute of Decontamination Specialists

Located in Piedmont, South Carolina, The National Institute of Decontamination Specialists trains students in crime scene cleanup. Students have the opportunity to learn from highly trained instructors and take advantage of hands-on instruction. Five different courses are offered, including Crime & Trauma Scene Biorecovery, Advanced Biorecovery, Meth Lab Clean Up, Outbreak Control, and Agroterrorism.

The National Institute of Decontamination Specialists

3109 Hwy 153 Piedmont, SC; 29673



Dangerous chemicals require specialized cleaning.
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Amdecon: CTS Decon Biorecovery Training Center

The founder of Amedecon, Michael J. Tilman teaches CTS Decon Bio Recovery Training classes to groups of 20 or more students. Tilman holds certification in health and safety, and is retired from the field and focuses solely on training. Those who go through Amedecon's training program are certified professionals who walk away with the knowledge and ability to start their own biohazard cleanup business.

Amdecon: CTS Decon Biorecovery Training Center

411 Walnut St. #7740

Green Cove Springs, Florida 32043



Crime scene cleanup teams wait for the go-ahead from police and other officials.
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C.T.S. Decontamination Training Academy

Bobby Pinkerton is a contract instructor qualified to teach and perform everything from trauma scene decontamination to emergency response. Stimulus packages are available through the C.T.S. Decontamination Training Academy, as well as Webinars, online training, and hands-on training, all provided by Pinkerton.

C.T.S. Decontamination Training Academy

PO Box 6082

Huntington Beach, CA 92615



Deconstructing and dismantling Meth Labs is a dangerous job requiring skilled training.
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Bio-Trauma 911, Inc.

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. has been offering crime scene cleanup training since 2005. Offering professional instruction from medical professionals, police officers, and experts in chemicals, Bio-Trauma 911 strives to offer the most comprehensive training course to those interested in a career in crime scene cleanup. The website offers the training course's outline, as well as a downloadable document containing pertinent course information for students.

Bio-Trauma 911, Inc.

7009 East 56th Street, Suite F

Indianapolis, Indiana 46226



Medical professionals are an important part of the crime scene cleanup training process.
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