Tokyo is an exciting, vibrant city. As the largest city, and the cultural, business and political heart of the country, there is a lot of opportunity there, so it's no wonder that so many foreigners choose to live and seek work in Tokyo. Although most jobs for foreign teachers in Japan are still for English teachers, there are a number of companies and schools that are looking for teachers of other foreign languages, including Italian.

Apply for the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme with the government of Japan. This is the best program to sign a contract with, as the JET Programme offers better compensation, work hours, and benefits than private schools trying to make a profit. The program has a dual mandate of providing native-speaker language instruction to Japanese students, and to foster greater cross-cultural ties and understanding between Japan and other countries. The JET Programme offers placement in public schools all over Japan, including the numerous schools in and around Tokyo.

Apply for a position at Berlitz Japan's Tokyo office. Berlitz has been running language schools in Japan since the 1960s and is still a trusted name in private language teaching. Berlitz offers positions for teachers of various foreign languages, including Italian. Check its online job bank, and apply for any appropriate positions that are available.

Post your resume on and search for teaching positions with Language School Teachers. This website offers space for teachers to list their resumes and the positions they are seeking. The website is also visited by recruiters and students who are looking for teachers.

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