The Roman Catholic Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits, sponsor 28 colleges and universities throughout the United States. Of those 28, nine universities offer engineering programs ranging from the undergraduate to the doctoral level in subjects such as civil, mechanical, and computer engineering.

University of Scranton

The University of Scranton offers bachelor's degrees in electrical and computer engineering. The electrical engineering program concludes with a robot design project in the final semester, where groups of seniors design a robot that can carry out a specific task. Computer engineering students also participate in the robotics project in addition to senior-level courses in topics such as software engineering.

Loyola University Maryland

Loyola University Maryland offers a bachelor's degree in engineering with concentrations in computer, electrical, materials, and mechanical engineering. Students follow a standard core curriculum for the first two years before beginning courses in their specialty in the junior year. All students are also required to take at least three non-engineering electives, allowing them room in their schedule to pursue other interests.

Loyola Marymount University

Loyola Marymount University, located in Los Angeles, offers bachelor's and master's programs in engineering. Undergraduate programs include civil engineering, where students can get involved in extracurricular competitions such as concrete canoe building, and engineering physics, which blends courses in both disciplines. Graduate programs, which are taught in the evening for working professionals, include a dual-degree option where students can earn a master's in engineering alongside an MBA.

Marquette University

Engineering undergraduates at Marquette University have the option of enriching their education through the college's co-op program. Students choosing this option spend their junior and senior years alternating semesters of class with semesters of work for employers, including Boeing, GE, and Harley-Davidson. Undergraduate majors include biomedical, mechanical, civil and environmental, and electrical and computer engineering. Graduate programs include master's and doctoral degrees in electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering.

University of Detroit Mercy

The University of Detroit Mercy's engineering program boasts that within five months, 100 percent of the class of 2008 had received an offer for a job or graduate school. This may be attributed to the co-op requirement, which mandates that all engineering undergraduates complete three semesters of full-time work. Undergraduates also have the option to earn a master's degree in a discipline such as architectural or software engineering with one extra year of study.

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University's engineering programs have close ties to the college's aviation department, allowing undergraduates to major in areas like aerospace engineering or minor in subjects such as air traffic control or flight science. Master's and doctoral engineering students also have opportunities to collaborate on research with students in graduate aviation programs.

Gonzaga University

Although Gonzaga only offers undergraduate engineering degrees, there is no shortage of opportunities for students. For example, sophomores in any engineering major can study abroad for a semester at Gonzaga's campus in Florence, Italy, which offers engineering courses in English so students can stay on track for graduation. Back on campus, senior students work on projects for local industries through the Center for Engineering Design.

Seattle University

Seattle University has the distinction of being home to the world's first software engineering graduate program. All classes are offered at night, making the program convenient for the area's many high-tech workers. Coursework includes classes in project management, programming, and software design. Undergraduate programs are offered in civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering.

Santa Clara University

Located in Silicon Valley, Santa Clara University engineering students are in a prime location to obtain internships or future jobs. Undergraduate majors of particular interest to tech-savvy students are the web design engineering major or the computer engineering major, which allows students to concentrate in areas like game development or information security. Graduate programs include doctoral degrees in computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering.

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