A Jesuit college is an institution of higher learning that prepares students to serve a global community and church through the mastering of four philosophies. The first is to engage the mind; the second is to educate for a global society. Jesuit college professors should also prepare to teach ethics and commitment to justice, as well as to educate responsible citizens. Jesuit college graduates have been using their unique education to leave a mark on the world for over 500 years.

Engaging the Mind

Jesuit colleges encourage intellectual integrity, critical inquiry and mutual respect. The Jesuit ideal supports and encourages an open mind and heart to ask poignant questions of life, while offering spiritual growth and development. Jesuit graduates have won Rhodes, Marshall, and Fulbright scholarships and fellowships. Faculty members, too, win national teaching and research awards, and the many Jesuit colleges around the world enjoy national and international rankings, as well as generally high respect in the global educational space.

Educating for a Global Society

A Jesuit college is committed to educate for global competence through the curriculum, study abroad, overseas faculty projects and volunteer opportunities for students. Jesuit colleges have an expanding base of international programs in 96 countries, and offer undergraduate as well as graduate degree programs in many instances. The colleges also offer a host of study abroad and international immersion study programs.

Teaching Ethics and Committment to Justice

A Jesuit education combines academic excellence with social responsibility, educating the "whole person" intellectually, morally, spiritually and psychologically. As future leaders, students are taught to have concern for the needs of people around the world. Serving those on the edges of society has been an early Jesuit priority, and takes the form of commitment to justice. Jesuit education provides students the opportunity to spend time with, and learn from, different cultures and social and economic backgrounds to better understand and work for human dignity.

Educating Responsible Citizens

The Jesuit college commitment to academics, ethics and faith produces leaders of conscience and character. Jesuit college graduates make a difference in all fields, from law and medicine to public service, advocacy and education. Most of the colleges agree that the graduates and their successes are the best proof that a Jesuit education works.

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