It’s not about the drills, the physical endurance or the uniform. The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program in high school is about building character and academic discipline for a lifetime of success. The advantage of ROTC participation while in high school is clear. Moving on to ROTC in college can increase a student’s chances of a more fulfilling academic career as well as better employment after graduation.

The main benefit is that there is an abundance of scholarships available for high school students in JROTC programs to attend a wide variety of higher education institutions. Most scholarships come with the caveat that the student needs to join the military upon graduation in order to receive the funds for college.

Benefits of JROTC for College

The benefits of ROTC in college are significant. High school students who join ROTC have a higher confidence level after exiting their final years of primary education. They carry leadership skills into their college years that can lead to more opportunity, improved interview skills and better employment in the process. Scholarships are prolific due to the level of dedication an ROTC student has previously shown. Colleges tend to give more weight to students who have shown they have the discipline to complete difficult tasks and persevere.

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Benefits of ROTC in College

In college, the benefits of signing up and being active in ROTC are many. It can expand your studies as well as your social and physical needs to make college life much more rewarding. Most ROTC programs are completed over four years.

They are an addition to the student’s class schedule. Cadets and midshipmen can go through the typical college day out of uniform and simply be a part of the program during ROTC classes and drills. Second lieutenants and ensigns in ROTC in college will get all of the benefits upon graduation that come with being in the military. This can include health insurance, paid vacation, a steady income and ongoing job security. ROTC benefits in college can also include discounts at university eateries, shops and transportation services.

Goal of ROTC College Programs

If you decide to take your JROTC career to the college level, there is a wide range of opportunities for graduates. The college-level ROTC programs are designed to train future officers that will serve well in the U.S. Armed Forces, including the Air Force, Army and Navy. It provides a head start for a lucrative and honorable career in the military.

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