Fund-raising is a big part of any organization, and school fund-raisers can help pay for a number of events, supplies and extracurricular activities that might otherwise pose a financial burden on the school district, faculty, students and their families. If you are planning an individual student fund-raiser in the near future, consider the following ideas to get you started toward your fund-raising goal.

Candy Fund-Raisers

Candy fund-raisers are a favorite among schools and student organizations. Candy bar fund-raisers offer substantial profit, and they are easy to sell. Chocolate bars can be purchase by the case with no minimum purchase requirements. Set up a table at school sporting events, sell them door to door, or set up a table outside a local store in your community.

Donations for Service

If you have a talent or special skill you can share with others, consider how you might work for fund-raising donations. Offer to mow lawns in your neighborhood, provide babysitting services to families in your church, or host a hairstyling party with your friends. When you offer to provide a service, ask if the recipient would be willing to make a donation for your fund-raiser. Even if your services aren't needed, you may be fortunate enough to receive a donation, and you won't be required to make an upfront investment or maintain an inventory of products.

Flower Bulb Fund-Raiser

Flower bulb fund raising offers a high profit margin and wide selection of flower bulbs which you can sell to raise money. Additional variations include tree kit fund-raisers that allow you to sell live tree seedlings or seed kits. Both adults and young people might enjoy investing in a tree or flower kit which they can plant in their yard and enjoy year after year.

Partnership Fund-Raising

Consider how you might partner with a business or retail establishment to help you with your fund-raising efforts. Contact local restaurant organizations or retail stores in your town, and ask if they might be willing to donate gift certificates to your fund-raiser. Once you secure a donation, sell the certificates for a discount off the full face value. The restaurant or store will have the opportunity to secure more business, the customer will receive a purchase discount and you will be able to raise money for your cause.

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