Bulletin boards aren't just for elementary school. High school teachers and guidance counselors can use bulletin board displays throughout the school to advertise upcoming events, educate students about important information or skills, or simply add a splash of color or school spirit to the walls. High school guidance counselors can use the bulletin boards in their offices as teaching tools and news centers in order to facilitate the students' understanding and use of the guidance office as a resource center.

Upcoming Events

The guidance office can display a bulletin board to advertise upcoming events at the school. These events might include deadlines for scholarships and college applications, parent information nights, or school-wide activities like dances or fundraisers. A large calendar display on a bulletin board along with an assortment of the required paperwork for various events would be an informative bulletin board display for a counselor's office.

College Information

High school guidance counselors often work with students on college applications, scholarships, financial aid packages and future plans. A bulletin board could illustrate the necessary steps in the college application process, list application deadlines for popular colleges and universities or advertise upcoming scheduled college visits and presentations.

Career Skills

For students interested in exploring future careers or obtaining after-school jobs, a bulletin board could advertise career skills and options. It might contain information about vocational educational centers in the area, job board postings from local businesses, and seminars and workshops on job skills. It could even highlight information on writing a resume, job interview tips, or letters of recommendation.

Behavior Management

Sometimes a guidance counselor must intervene with students who are in conflict with one another. They might also counsel students who have emotional or behavioral difficulties, or help students who are dealing with a trying time in their lives. A bulletin board could be useful in this process. It might illustrate tips for dealing with stress, hotlines to call for emergency situations or supportive references for students who need emotional help.

Counselor Job Description

Sometimes high school students might not know what a counselor does or does not do. A bulletin board could showcase the various counselors in a school and briefly explain their job duties. It might advertise that students should visit Mr. Smith for college application assistance and see Mrs. Kline for help with registering for classes. When students know what counselors are there for, they might be more likely to use a counselor's services.

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