Age appropriate bulletin boards should be in every classroom in order to make the room more inviting and comfortable for students.These bulletin boards should not only serve as decor to brighten the classroom, but should also teach the students valuable lessons. High school special education bulletin boards displayed in resource rooms can be extremely helpful in enhancing the students' learning experiences.

Time Management Bulletin Board

Special education students often find it difficult to manage their time effectively. A good idea for a bulletin board would be to visually model a typical school day from the time a student wakes up through night time.This could include times for each class, visits to lockers, homework, chores and any other daily activities that a student may engage in. Also, display tips for prioritizing responsibilities and fitting in study time. A student with a disability may get overwhelmed trying to figure out how to organize his day on his own.Therefore, seeing this model displayed could be of great assistance to the student.

Student Selected Work Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards should be used to showcase the school work of students to promote self confidence in students with disabilities. For this bulletin board, use a colorful fabric or paper background and title it with cut out letters. Titles can be as simple as "Our Best Work " or "Check Out Our Talents." Have students keep portfolios during the year as they do various activities and assignments. Students should only put in assignments that they feel are examples of their best work. Each month, allow the students to chose an assignment to be displayed on the board. This allows the students to practice critical thinking and self reflection as they select which assignments to display.

After I Graduate Bulletin Board

High school students often wonder about what their future after graduation will hold. This themed bulletin board can give students with disabilities inspiration about the future. Teachers and students can discuss career options and the path necessary to obtain that career. After a list is made of several options, the students can research the jobs and list the necessary skills. Use colorful paper or fabric as a background for the board, and use graduation hats in the four corners to add a little fun. Then, have the students make attractive pictures of the jobs, or find some on the Internet, and put the list of skills under the corresponding picture.T ack up each job and picture. This is a way for students to practice research, to think about their future and to be exposed to various jobs that they may have never thought about before, while understanding what abilities are required for the profession.

Behavior Management Bulletin Board

Some students with disabilities have a hard time remembering rules and expectations. A bulletin board idea to aid these students is to list the rules and specific behavior expectations. Also, clearly display the consequences should a rule be broken. Have the students draw pictures of rules being followed and rules being broken to display next to each rule. This will aid the students in remembering the rules and expectations. Being proactive in classroom management and making sure that all students know and understand the rules, helps a classroom run much more smoothly and efficiently.

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