Parents want their children to receive the best education possible, and many want that education to have a religious focus. For Catholic parents, getting their children into Catholic school is an important decision that impacts their children's education. A letter of interest can be the first step in enrolling children in a Catholic school. Parents can compose these letters to outline their desire to enroll their children in the school and begin the application process.

Address the letter to the principal of the Catholic school. Even if you have never met the principal, addressing the letter directly to her personalizes your letter. If you do not know the principal's name, check the school website or call the school office for the information. Some Catholic school principals might be priests or nuns, and they should be addressed with the title "Fr." (Father) or "Sr." (Sister).

Identify yourself and your family in the first paragraph. Consider this paragraph your formal introduction to the principal. Provide your family's name as well as your children's names and the grade that they will be attending next school year. If you are Catholic, mention it. Also, note if your children have attended Catholic school in the past; if they have, this shows your commitment to Catholic education.

Explain why you want your children to attend the school in the second paragraph. Perhaps you are moving to town from out of state, and this is the only Catholic school in the area. Or, maybe you fear that your children are not challenged enough in the public school, and you want them to go to the more academically challenging Catholic school. Wanting your children to be exposed to a Catholic education, which includes religion courses, is a common explanation for this paragraph.

Discuss any family-specific issues in the third paragraph. If you have a child with special needs, mention it. If your children are competitive in athletics and would like to participate at the school, let the principal know. Also, discuss your financial situation if it affects your children's ability to attend the school. For example, if the Catholic school offers scholarships for low-income families and you hope to qualify, tell the principal that you are interested in learning more about financial aid opportunities.

Close the letter with a call to action. Tell the principal that you would like to begin the application process so that your children can attend the Catholic school. If you are from out of town and will be visiting the area soon, mention it so that you can schedule a tour of the school. Provide your contact information -- at least a phone number and email address -- to prompt additional contact.

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