When you rent a house or apartment, your landlord is generally responsible for arranging for repairs to be made. Check your lease to be sure this is true before you request repairs from your landlord. Unfortunately, sometimes landlords don’t actually honor what is written in the lease. However, this is a legal document that, by law, she must follow. If you have already verbally requested repairs that are not being made, your next step will be writing a letter to request that the repairs be scheduled and completed.

Address the letter to your landlord by putting his name and address at the top.

Add your name and address, as well, along with your phone number and email address to ensure that she can contact you easily.

Put the date on your letter. This provides some proof of when you contacted him regarding the repairs,

State any previous contact that was made regarding the repairs in the first paragraph. Be specific with dates, times and how you contacted the him.

Re-explain the nature of the repairs that need done in the next paragraph or two. Include details, including how urgent the repairs are. For example, a broken toilet is much more urgent than a broken light fixture.

Sign the letter respectfully, with a closing like “Sincerely” or “Thank you.” Include your signature to make the letter official.

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