How to Spot Surveillance. If you're being tailed for any reason, it helps to be able to identify where your tails are. Just ask the spies in the movies. Film examples of surveillance provide great tips for how to deal with people spying on you. Unfortunately, there are as many ways to spy as there are ways to detect spying. However, a little savvy can go a long way. Read on to learn more.

Evaluate your home base. Who knows where you are? Do you see any equipment set up for monitoring your home? Watch that black van around the corner...home surveillance can be as obvious as a camera on the street, and as subtle as, say, a traffic light box near your property. Look for movements that occur when you enter and leave your home.

Do creative driving. Most movies involving surveillance have at least one chase scene. But spotting surveillance isn't about trying to lose your tails. It's more about working little eccentricities into your driving. Stop unnecessarily at an awkward turn-off and then turn around. Watch if there are other vehicles mimicking your eccentric activity. It's easier to see tails in vehicles than on foot.

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Look for familiar faces. Is there a face that keeps popping up in the crowd, at the market, at the movies, near your office? That's most likely a tail. If you're lucky, you can grab one of these guys and get some information about who's tailing you. Otherwise, you'll at least know you're being watched.

Monitor your own communication systems: phone, Internet, postal mail, etc. The easiest surveillance to spot is telephone wiretaps; there will be ambient noise associated with the equipment that users can sometimes pick up. Otherwise, you'll know more about how you're being watched by what happens when you leak information. Try leaking some false or outrageous information and see what happens.

Contact your spies. If you know who would be likely to be spying on you, call them up and have a frank conversation about surveillance. You just might be able to come to an agreement. At least you'll have them on guard.


Yes, there are surveillance experts. They're called Private Investigators. Some of them are totally green, but others have years of experience. They can tell you the secret ins and outs of surveillance, or they can take care of problems for you. For someone under surveillance, a PI can be your best ally.

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