How to Speak With a Greek Accent. Mimicking a Greek accent isn't that difficult. It's not as prevalent in mainstream America as the similar Italian accent. Start with these basics to make your accent recognizable as Greek.

Learn the alphabet and how to correctly pronounce letters. For instance, make sure you are pronouncing anything with an "a" like a "v" and rolling your "r" as in "tigerrr."

Listen to audio recordings of people speaking Greek. You might be able to rent these from your local library or a university where Greek is taught. Check into purchasing recordings online or from a book store.

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Place emphasis on certain parts of words. Greek words are written with an accent mark to indicate where the inflection should be placed when saying the word. For instance, there is emphasis on the end of the word with a pause before the end like "mosquEE-TO bite."

Rent a movie like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" or watch TV shows that showcase a Greek accent. Chances are the actors had to study their accents if they did not already have one.

Study how Greek actors or actresses speak. You might be able to pick up on their accents and mimic them if you learn by listening and practical experience rather than from a book.

Practice by repeating correct pronunciation until your accent is so good that you could be mistaken for someone from Greece.

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