Encourage parent participation within the PTA by generating different ideas to get them to meetings. The PTA is a nonprofit group of parents who meet to raise funds for the school, support teachers and staff and to enhance the well-being of the children. Market your PTA to parents to help build the organization to reach its full potential. Gather your current group and collaborate on different ideas and tactics to draw parents into the group. Once you gain the attendance offer incentives to stay and participate.

Invite parents to get involved. Most parents do not know how to start attending meetings and need to be asked or informed they are welcome. Create a simple flier to send home with children asking parents to attend meetings. State on the flier the PTA needs more parent involvement and the current group would love to meet more parents.

Offer incentives for parents to attend meetings. Sometimes parents cannot attend simply because they do not have a baby sitter for their children; talk with a Girl Scout troop to handle baby-sitting in exchange for earning points towards a new badge. Older children may need a quiet homework room to sit in while parents are at the meeting. Other incentives can include drawings for gift cards and attendance prizes.

Send home a questionnaire for parents to answer. Place a variety of activates the PTA hosts on the questionnaire and have parents circle the ones they would like to help with or want more information about. Leave a section at the bottom of the questionnaire for parents to list their names and phone numbers so you can call and invite them to the event and meetings.

Set up a website. Many parents do not come to the PTA meetings simply because they do not have time or their work schedules does not allow them to leave early. A website will allow those parents to still have PTA membership and sign up for events. Parents with odd work schedules may be able to volunteer during the day at the school, but they are unaware of what they can do because they cannot attend the meetings. A website may increase membership.

Have a booth available at an open house for parents to stop by and talk with current PTA members. Set the booth right in front of the entrance to the school so parents must walk by to come in and walk past to leave. Set out literature, free samples, a list of activities for the children and have a drawing for school spirit wear if parents leave their name and phone number.


Follow up with parents who leave their name and phone number. Hand out a calendar at the beginning of the school year that lists the entire PTA schedule of events and meetings.

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