Newspapers are ideal sources of comprehensive news but the size of one can appear daunting to a beginner. Many American newspapers are broadsheets that could measure up to 29.53 inches by 23.62 inches, a size that can be awkward to handle. There are basic steps you can take to hold a broadsheet. With practice, you can become comfortable with reading a large newspaper.

Unfold the newspaper and place it flat on a table in front of you or on your lap. If it is comfortable to read in this position, leave the paper flat until you are ready to open it to read the next page.

To hold the paper while reading it, take the middle of the left edge of the paper in your left hand and the middle of the right side in your right hand. Lift the paper up. You may let the bottom edge of the paper rest on the table or on your lap for additional support.

Hold the paper up so that the line of text you are reading is at eye level. Keep the paper at a comfortable distance from your face.

Tilt the top edge of the paper away from you as you read the lines further down the page so you do not strain your neck. If you have difficulty reading the text close to the bottom of the page, move your hands down to hold the paper at a lower position. The top section of the paper may flop over but this is fine as long as you are holding the paper securely.

Turn the page when you are ready to read the next page. Release the left side of the paper and use your left hand to flip the page. Spread your arms apart as much as is comfortable for you to open the paper. Keep the paper at a comfortable height and distance and repeat Step 4 as you read.


For easier handling, the broadsheet can be folded at the center to a one-page width.

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