If you choose to take summer classes at your college, you can satisfy your graduation requirements more quickly and finish your degree sooner. Summer class offerings are usually leaner than fall and spring offerings, but most colleges offer essential programs in each department, and, occasionally, even classes that travel away from main campus and offer hands-on field experience. Summer financial aid can help you take advantage of summer class offerings, speed your degree completion and help you meet your financial obligations while you're in classes.

Check with your financial aid office and be sure that your Free Application for Federal Student Aid has been submitted to them. Colleges use the FAFSA to determine your eligibility for financial aid. Set up an appointment with a financial aid counselor to discuss summer class aid.

Attend the meeting with copies of your W2s, your tax returns and your parents' tax returns, if applicable.

Fill out the forms your financial aid counselor gives you to use to request summer financial aid. Detail how many classes you're going to be taking, whether you'll be part time or full time, and how taking those courses will help you complete your degree.

Ask about any grant programs available from the college to help you pay tuition on your summer classes. Some colleges offer special programs to help cover summer tuition, since there is less federal and state aid available for summer school. If your school doesn't offer additional grants, try asking about a work-study program that can help you pay your tuition.

Accept any loans or grants offered that you wish to receive, and sign the contracts you're given.


Loans you take out in the summer may limit the amount of loans you can take out in the fall since most federal programs have loan-borrowing limits.

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