College is a memorable time in many people's lives. College is filled with not only academic pursuits and achievements, but parties, friends and activities. The memories will stay with you forever, but sometimes our college friends move on. There are a few ways to reconnect with old college friends. Colleges have associations that help connect graduates, there are also resources available online which allow you to search for people you went to college with.

Join your college alumni association. The alumni association will throw events and invite graduates of the institution. Attending these events may allow you to reconnect with old college friends. To join your college's alumni association, call the college and ask for the alumni department. The association will send emails and mailings notifying you of upcoming events.

Open a Facebook account. When you create an account, enter the college you attended and your graduation year in the corresponding fields. Facebook will suggest friends, or people you may know, based on others that entered the same college name and graduation year. Send a friend request to any people you know, and even to those that you don't know. Look on the friends list of all of your new connections to find and connect with additional college friends. You can also enter your college friend's name into the search field on Facebook and search for that person manually.

Connect with people you went to college with using GradFinder. Enter your school name and state in the corresponding fields. Click on the school, then enter your information (e.g., name, gender and address) in the corresponding fields. Once you are a member, all other members that attended that college are listed.

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