Preparing for college can be both exciting and scary at the same time. Students may be unsure as to which college or university has a program that would fit their needs. Parents can take their high school age children to visit a few of those colleges, but first, the student needs to narrow down the list. College brochures can help a student weed out the schools that do not interest them and make a list of ones they want to learn more about. It is easy to get the brochures in a relatively short period of time.

Step 1

Advise your child to look over the PSAT or SAT form the next time she takes it. Most PSAT and SAT forms have a box on there that a student can check if they would like to receive information from various colleges and universities. If the student checks "yes," the brochures will start coming in the mail.

Step 2

Ask your high school counselor for some college brochures. Many high schools receive college brochures that you can give to students. Your counselor is there to help you get ready for college, and he may even be able to suggest some colleges to you based on your talents and grades.

Step 3

Write down a list of colleges you would like to learn more about, and then visit their online websites. The website will have a tab for "Undergraduate Admissions" or "Prospective Students." There you will find a form for requesting more information. Fill out the form, and the school will mail a brochure to you.

Step 4

Attend a college fair. College fairs will have a booth set up for each college or university. The college will have representatives there with brochures you can pick up. This is also a great way to find out more about the specific programs each college offers.

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