The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is not a simple question and answer session. Specific documentation and information is required for every applicant To become familiar with the process, there is a wealth of information available that can be used as a guide for completing the FAFSA. Use these tools for practice purposes, before you submit your final FAFSA application.

Online Practice FAFSA

Gather the documentation required to complete the FAFSA form. The bulk of the work is gathering this data. A list of required documentation is offered at the FAFSA site. There is a link in references below.

Download a copy of the FAFSA worksheet. This will help you through the process. It has sample questions you will need to answer on the FAFSA online application. Completing the worksheet will help identify your dependency status and what forms will need to be included with your application.

Apply for a pin. If you are deemed a dependent, your parents will also need to apply for a pin. The pin may also be used as a signature, when you decide to submit your FAFSA application.

Downloadable PDF

Download a printable version of the FAFSA to review the questions on the actual FAFSA application. You can also use a fillable version. Keep in mind that the completed form can be printed, but not saved.

Gather the documentation required, as you fill out the form. As a guide, you can use the list of required documents to gather as much information in advance of completing the practice FAFSA.

Fill out the form completely. Gather information about the schools you will submit your FAFSA to. Decide if you will submit your final FAFSA application by PDF, or if you would prefer to complete your FAFSA online.

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