Creating an environment for adults within a church setting is a task that requires some time and thought. You need to create an environment that fosters discussion and makes people feel open, comfortable and willing to share. The environment must also be crafted in such a way that the Sunday school teacher is able to teach the group of individuals. When all these are taken into account and employed, your Sunday school classroom will be a positive learning and teaching environment.

Hang a white board at the front of the room. Having a white board available for the Sunday school teacher allows him to write down key points so that the adults present can take notes without missing anything. It also helps those who are visual learners to take in all that the teacher is writing. Make sure the white board has plenty of markers on its ledge.

Add and arrange tables and chairs. Avoid arranging the room in a classroom-like setup. Instead, fill the room with couches, coffee and end tables, recliners, and armchairs. Make sure they all face the front of the room where the white board is, arranged in a U-shape fashion. Such an arrangement will promote classroom-like learning without the formality.

Add a bookshelf. Place a bookshelf so that it is accessible. Store extra Bibles, pens, notepads and books on it so those who come unprepared won't be left out.

Decorate. Add decorative touches to the room through framed biblical artwork, framed Bible verses, decorative crosses or positive quotes and sayings.

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