How to Apply to a College Online. High school students and professionals returning to school have found that the application process is easier with online tools. You can fill out a personal statement, compile an online resume and fill out college admissions applications without touching pen to paper. Your college experience begins when you apply online to the universities at the top of your list.

Learn about a college's online application process with the help of an admissions tutorial. Most universities that utilize an online admissions application have a virtual assistant to help you fill every section accurately.

Save your online application and supporting materials frequently to avoid loss of work due to electrical outages. You can avoid hours of filling in contact information, work experience and educational experience several times over by clicking "Save" after you fill out each section.

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Preview your personal statement and other supporting materials in an online application to determine the correct formatting. Admissions software can shift word processing documents to a left or right alignment that is visually unappealing.

Check your bank account and credit card balance to determine if you have enough funds for an admissions application fee. Universities use third-party payment software to accept your application fee as soon as you submit your application.

Read through a college's policy on submitting letters of recommendation through an online admissions application. Most colleges require a hard copy of each letter to avoid tampering and maintain a high level of objectivity.

Customize your college application to include scholarship, grant and other financial aid forms needed before an admissions decision can be rendered. You should look through the website for academic apartments and admissions to find appropriate forms to help you determine your financial responsibilities.

Write your personal statement via word processing software to run a spell check before you apply to a college online. Universities have basic application software without grammar checks, and admissions officers will eliminate applications that have excessive spelling errors.


Print off hard copies of each application form you complete as you apply to college online. A printed application can be used if you encounter problems with a college during the admissions process. You should maintain a separate folder for each college organized by application date, application fee and other pertinent information. Generate a contact list for admissions representatives before you fill out an online application. You may need to call the admissions office while working on your application if you encounter technical or administrative issues.

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