Paying for a private high school education can seem like a daunting task to students and their families. Tuition costs at private schools seem to rise each year, and what was once a sizable financial burden can seem insurmountable. Though most private schools offer some financial aid, it is rarely enough to cover the full cost of attendance. Luckily, scholarships for high school students are as plentiful and attainable as ever, particularly for low-income and minority students. Winning even a few scholarships can help defray the costs of private high school by a great deal.

Research scholarship opportunities. Many organizations that offer scholarships for high school students have websites online. You can also locate scholarship opportunities through printed directories, such as Laurie Blum's "Free Money for Private Schools" which contains an alphabetical list of foundations offering scholarships, as well as contact information, sample applications and other pertinent information for each listing.

Organize all information and documents needed for your applications. These typically include your family's tax information, a current public school report card and a signature from the principal of the private high school you wish to attend.

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Complete each application as precisely and honestly as possible. An application that is missing crucial information can be disregarded. Craft a well-written application essay, if required, that explains your qualifications and interest in the scholarship. Double-check each application before you submit it for completeness, accuracy and proper spelling and grammar.


Mail or submit all application materials well before any deadline. Don’t risk being disqualified based on a late application.

Don’t turn your nose up at small scholarships. A lot of smaller scholarships are overlooked by students based on their monetary size, so your chances of winning them can be higher. A number of small scholarships can add up quickly.

Meet with your career center counselor or academic advisor at your high school. He can identify scholarships for which you may qualify. Ask him to read over your scholarship applications and any essays before you submit them.


Don’t ever sign up for a scholarship search website that requires you to pay a fee. It can be a scam, and there are several excellent free sites to help you on your search.

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