You studied hard in college, earned good grades and had a solid score on the Graduate Record Examination. You put great effort into filling out your application to graduate school. Finally, the letter arrives in the mail indicating that you have been accepted. The work doesn't stop there.

Mind the Deadline

If you have been accepted to several schools, weigh the pros and cons of attending each and decide which one suits you best. Remember the deadline of April 15, which is the national deadline if you have scholarship money attached to your acceptance. If you miss that deadline, though you may gain admittance, your schooling will not be funded.

Acceptance Process

Pay attention to the acceptance letter, because it may contain specific instructions on how to accept. For example, the University of New Hampshire permits graduate students to accept their admittance through an online portal. If no method of response is specified, accept the offer via a phone call to the admissions office or in writing. Whichever method you choose, indicate your appreciation for the acceptance and your excitement about attending. Thank those who may have helped with your application, including tutors, professors and those who wrote recommendation letters.

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