Students who are invited to participate in Ohio’s Ambassador of Music program must fund the costs of their trip to perform abroad. It is an honor to be chosen for this prestigious program -- some of the best high school musicians in Ohio are invited to participate -- but it can be a challenge to pay for the costs of travel. Students pay for the trip themselves, raise funds or find grant programs that can help. There is one grant program especially suited for students in the Ohio Ambassadors of Music program.

Ohio Ambassadors of Music Program

The Ohio Ambassadors of Music program is an educational program comprising high school honors music students from Ohio who are invited to be a part of a European touring group. The program is held approximately every other year. The tour consists of an honor band and chorus directed by music professors at Bowling Green State University’s music program. Participants are selected for their level of musicianship, leadership and good character.

Bowling Green State University’s Pro Musica Grant Program

Pro Musica grants are one source of funding assistance to help students pay for the costs of participating in the Ohio Ambassadors of Music program. Pro Musica solicits and raises funds from Bowling Green State University participating alumni, friends, parents and the Bowling Green community. Annual membership dues help provide funds for student travel projects. Private gifts also help fund an endowment that is used to provide four scholarships and other awards. These have included grants to help students defray costs of participating in the Ohio Ambassadors of Music travel program.

Pro Musica Grants: 2006-'07 Snapshot

The 2006-'07 Pro Musica travel grants exemplify the type of projects funded by Pro Musica Grants. Grants totaling nearly $39,000 were awarded to 98 college of Musical Arts students needing funding to travel and participate in national and international music competitions, conferences and festivals. For example, students attended a concert and European tour of Si Ji Tu by Timothy Stulman in Madrid, Spain; performed in the Cosmos Sax Quartet in Thessaloniki, Greece; competed in the Fourth International Competition of Saxophone “Adolphe Sax” in Belgium; and performed cultural tourism research in Merida, Mexico. Additionally, three students received these grants to attend the Ohio Ambassadors of Music Band and Choir 2007 European Tour. The tour in 2007 consisted of stops and performances in England, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy and Germany.

Pro Musica Grants Eligibility and Guidelines

Grants through Pro Musica are awarded to students who will use the funds to participate in or attend musical competitions, conferences and workshops. The Ohio Ambassadors of Music program is included among the qualifying programs. This sort of opportunity is related to the student’s field of study or furthers the student’s professional goals.

Students may be funded up to a total of $500 per academic year, as of July 2011. Pro Musica grants do not fund equipment purchases, textbooks, materials, supplies or the costs of accompaniment. If funds are limited, priority is given to students making a first grant application, and students are ineligible after graduation. Finally, students cannot use grant funds to secure employment.

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