There is an educational achievement gap between inner-city youth who live in poverty and students who are fortunate to live in better-funded areas. Students in the inner city do not have access to the resources that middle-class and upper-class students have. To combat the problem, there are scholarships awarded to public school students that enable them to attend private schools at a reduced cost or for free.

The Guardsmen Scholarship

There are scholarship programs throughout the country for inner-city youths in the bay area of San Francisco, California. One such program is the Guardsmen Scholarship. Students who achieve at least 2.0 grade point averages and live in the inner city are eligible for this scholarship. The award pays up to $2,000 for the school year. Students between kindergarten and sixth grade can apply for the scholarships.

Children’s Scholarship Fund

The Children’s Scholarship Fund is a national program which strives to help children from economically depressed neighborhoods from kindergarten to the eighth grade. The funds help students who are attending failing public schools attend private schools. In New York City, for example, the fund awards $1,666 on average for private school tuition. In Ohio, funding depends on the parent’s income. In Philadelphia, parents pay $500 and the fund picks up the difference.

Black Student Fund

This fund pays tuition for African American students who are in kindergarten through the twelfth grade and are the first in their family to attend college. Most students come out of one parent households and tend to come from schools that have not provided for them academically. This is a need-based fund awarded to students who show potential; actual grant amounts are confidential.

The Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Children

The Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Children is a nonprofit, national organization that concentrates on providing financial support for inner-city children from poor families. The fund provides scholarships for elementary and high school students. Under a program known as the Donor Designated Scholarship, a number of scholarships pay for tuition. One such example is the Jean M. Boyle Memorial Scholarship, which pays for tuition at the St. Genevieve School in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Young Scholars Program

The Young Scholars Program is a unique program in that it supports public school students and will continue to assist them through college and graduate school. Students who are willing to work hard and have a financial need are eligible to apply. The program helps students who are struggling with public school to pay for private school. While the families of most students earn about $25,000 a year, some families earn as much as $60,000 on this program.

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