There's always a risk when opening a new business. No matter what kind of business, there are always the same kinds of thoughts ranging from "How will people find out about my business?" to "Will people like what my business has to offer?" Whether you give a gift to support the business or one that's a universally recognized good-luck symbol, show your support and give a gift of good luck to a new restaurant owner.

Website Creation

Give the gift of a restaurant-centered website. This may be a particularly attractive idea if you have Web design skills, but if you don't, have no fear. There are dozens of websites that provide easy-to-follow instructions and templates for creating your own website. If this all sounds too overwhelming, there are also dozens of websites that provide Web-design services, and there are many freelance workers out there. Creating a website for a new restaurant owner is an original and purposeful gift.

Business Cards

Getting the word out about a new business is important for the business's success. Websites are a helpful option, but business cards are mobile. If the new business owner has a website, include the Web address on the business card. Find kits at office-supply stores that allow you to create your own business cards with the use of a computer and printer. Or, have the business cards professionally made by either searching for a service online or contacting office-supply stores and copy centers that create business cards.

Framed Four-Leaf Clover

The four-leaf clover is widely accepted and recognized as a sign of good luck. There are several theories as to why a clover is good luck. One story states that Eve carried a four-leaf clover with her in the Garden of Eden. Another story states that the clover has Celtic roots, and each leaf of the clover represents four main facets that bring luck: love, wealth, health and fame. If you're lucky enough to find a four-leaf clover in passing, you may not want to give it up to the new restaurant owner. Fear not; you can purchase four-leaf clovers online.


The Chinese culture believes in the practice of feng shui--a balancing of the environment to incorporate the natural elements into your living space. Lucky bamboo is an item that fits into the feng shui recipe. Bamboo is considered lucky because of it's prosperous growth and its representation of the two natural elements: wood and water. Some also believe that if you tie a red ribbon around the bamboo, the representation of fire exists and this further balances the chi, or positive energy, of a room. Even if the new restaurant owner isn't the owner of a Chinese restaurant, the gift of a lucky bamboo plant may bring positive chi to the new establishment.

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