If you are looking for a good college to get a degree in art therapy, start by looking at different ranking systems. Be sure you check their criteria used for reviewing various colleges. Some of the best ranking systems consider retention rates, student satisfaction, graduating statistics, costs and quality of professors. The “World Ranking Guide” is a good source to turn to, as it ranks the world’s top colleges and graduate programs from a solid platform of valid statistics. They rely on data from “The Princeton Review”, “U.S. News and World Report”, “Forbes” and a number of other credible sources. (see reference 1)

New York University

Ranked No. 1 for art therapy by the “World Ranking Guide”, New York University is approved by the American Art Therapy Association and offers degrees in the field while, according to their website, promoting scholarly research with an evidence-based clinical model. They also focus on teaching students how to be fluent with the modern advancements of new media art and instill a cross-cultural grounding of social justice issues. The Master of Arts in art therapy requires 49 credits to graduate with 28 credits of art therapy and 12 internship credits. Psychology electives that are chosen from a broad spectrum of courses consume the remaining 9 credits. (see reference 2)

Marywood University

Located in Scranton, Pennsylvania and AATA-certified, Marywood University is ranked No. 2 by the “World Ranking Guide” for its school of art therapy. Marywood emphasizes their capacity to train students to use art therapy as a catalyst for self-actualization and healing. Approved by the American Art Therapy Association, the program teaches multiple theories and approaches that prepare graduates for ATR registration, the Pennsylvania licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor and board certification with the Art Therapy Certification Board. (see reference 3)

School of Visual Arts

“World Ranking Guide” ranks the AATA-certified School of Visual Arts as the third best art therapy program. It is a member of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design. The school has its famous theater where students can attend lectures, film screenings and public events. All faculty members in the art therapy department are actively working within the industry and can lend real-world experience to their students. Ideally located in the heart of Manhattan, the School of Visual Arts is a highly desirable institute for degree work in art therapy. (see reference 5)

Albertus Magnus College

Taking the No. 4 seat of best art therapy schools by the “World Ranking Guide”, Albertus Magnus College is approved by the AATA. Its 60-credit curriculum incorporates innovative workshops that grant students the learning experiences to prepare them for a career in art therapy. Students are taught how to practice art therapy in various settings that include hospitals, geriatric centers, mental health clinics, schools, in-and-out patient facilities and prisons. Learning to work with diverse client populations equips students to graduate with the knowledge to become experts in their field. (see reference 4)

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