How to Find an Appliance Repair School. As we all know, appliances break down all the time, so if you can repair them, you're going to enjoy a profitable career. If you have an aptitude for fixing things, you can enhance your skills at an appliance repair school.

Make sure you have some skills and knowledge in electronics and basic math along with organizational and communication skills.

Look through the listings of schools discussed in the Resources links below. There are quite a few appliance repair schools, and some even allow you to attend online. Check into the courses offered by the different schools to see which fit your needs.

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Think about taking a diploma curriculum. You gain certification in the field and the courses you take concentrate on the specific knowledge that pertains to appliance repair. Diploma programs take 12 months to complete. If you choose to get an Associate Degree, that will take 2 years. Depending on the college you choose, you may be able to take appliance repair training with a GED.

After completing your course, apply for appliance repair certification from the Professional Service Association (PSA) and become a Certified Appliance Professional (CAP). Other options for certification you can receive include the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET) which certifies you as a National Appliance Service Technician.

Obtain certification for proper handling of refrigeration appliances from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This separate certification means you know and agree to follow all the EPA rules pertaining to refrigeration.

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