If you are looking to make extra money on the side, consider donating your body to science. Only consider this if you are healthy and able-bodied. Your first thought might be to donate your body after death and receive money for it when you are still alive. However, this practice is illegal and unethical, although some online scammers will try to tell you otherwise. Instead, search for legitimate programs in your area in which you can earn money for your time, effort and donation. Every day, medical and science laboratories are looking to find cures for cancer and other diseases and ailments. To help, you could donate plasma or participate in a medical research trial.

Find plasma centers in your area. Blood Banker allows you to search for blood bank donors in your area.

Research various plasma centers. Ask the centers if they offer remuneration and how much they pay. The pay could range from $9 to $35 or more.

Eat and drink liquids the day before you donate. Eat protein-rich foods such as beef, pork and poultry. Drink at least one glass of water three hours before you visit the plasma center. Both of these prevent you from being lightheaded and vomiting.

Allow yourself at least two hours in the plasma center. Donating plasma will take time away from your job and other responsibilities.

Medical Research Trials

Look for medical research trials governed by the FDA. The Food and Drug Administration governs the medical research trials, which means that they inform subjects of the process, including any side effects. This helps reduce the health risks involved.

Use a resource such as Guinea Pigs Get Paid to look for medical research trials in your area. Type your city and state or zip code into the search bar. Select a medical research trial that interests you. This website also walks you through the process of signing up, medical screening forms and informed consent agreements.

Contact your physician if you have trouble finding research trials in your area. He or she may know of any participating hospitals or clinics near you.

Write down the time and day of the medical research trial on a calendar. Follow any important procedures the day before or the day of the trial. This could include items like not eating or only drinking liquids.


You can donate plasma at least six times a year.

Medical research trials can take days or weeks to complete. Make sure you have enough time to participate.


Do not drink alcohol or smoke the day of donating plasma.

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