Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov, and this is how to divide to the thousands. Now if we're going to the thousands place we are just going to stop there. It's just like long division you just have to know when to stop. So for example if we have 17 divided by six, then we'll rewrite this in to long division which would be six in to 17. We say six goes in to one zero times. Six goes in to 17 twice because 12 but then the next multiple of six would be 18 which is too big so we write 12 down here. 17 minus 12 is five. Now six doesn't go in to five so now we have to create decimal places. And we create a fictional zero which we can bring down so this is now 50. Six goes in to 50 eight times because of 48 and we get a two. Six doesn't go in to two so we have to go another decimal place. We were at the tenths now we're at the hundredths. We bring down the zero and six goes in to 20 three times, 18. 20 minus 18 is two. Six again doesn't go in to two we bring down our third zero and this is the thousandths place. Six goes in to 20 three times and we're done. We don't have to worry anymore because we wanted it to the thousandths place which would be 2.833.