In the current age of technology, more and more subjects are being offered through distance education programs. Distance education programs are designed for working professionals seeking to gain knowledge in their field or to find a new career. Speech-language pathology is a field that involves working to evaluate, diagnose and treat communication disorders in children and adults. Individuals interested in enhancing the lives of others by increasing communication abilities should consider completing a distance education program in speech-language pathology.

Colleges and Universities

Many colleges and universities offer distance learning programs in speech-language pathology. Some smaller schools, such as the University of Akron in Ohio, collaborate with other universities to make programs available to more students. There are also larger schools, including James Madison University and Idaho State, that offer full or part-time degree programs in speech-language pathology. Students enrolled in distance learning complete their coursework online and participate in clinical practicum hours with certified speech language pathologists in their area, though some colleges require students to complete at least one practicum on campus.

Courses of Study

Distance education programs in speech-language pathology usually follow the same course of study that on-campus students undergo. Speech-language pathology students receive instruction in areas including voice and language disorders, audiology, communication disorders and neuroanatomy and physiology. Some colleges have other course requirements such as human growth and development. The format of online speech-language programs varies from school to school, though most will involve a combination of videotaped lectures, conference calls, web-based modules and email correspondence.

Degrees Offered

Since the minimum requirement for audiology practice is a graduate degree, most distance education programs in speech-language pathology offer students a Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology. These master's programs are typically provided to students over a 3-year period, though some programs are given over two years with students taking classes through the summer. Many programs are designed so graduates are eligible for licensure in the state and employment for work in the public school system upon completion.

Student Outcomes

Graduates of distance education speech-language pathology programs have a high employment rate in the field. Online speech pathology programs also show high passing rates of graduates who have taken the Praxis exam. Students who complete distance learning programs are qualified for work in schools, clinics, hospitals and private institutions as practicing speech-language pathologists.

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