The NCLEX stands for National Counsel Licensure Examination. The NCLEX is used by state nursing licensing boards to certify that potential nursing candidates understand the basics of the practice. All nurses are required to pass the exam in order to gain state licensure and apply for employment. A passing score on the NCLEX is determined via a detailed process using computer technology and statistical analysis.

Answer at least 75 questions. Everyone taking the test must answer at least 75 questions in order to pass it.

Keep answering questions. Questions will get harder as you continue the test. Questions are in categories such as health promotion and maintenance, basic care and comfort, safety and infection control.

Follow the computer's instructions. The NCLEX is administered at a testing site using a computer system under the supervision of proctors.

Passing is determined by the computer system using a process called Computerized Adaptive Testing, or CAT. NCLEX exams are scored either pass or fail. Under this system the computer program will keep asking a candidate to answer questions until it is clear that the candidate meets or fails to meet the desired standard. Some candidates may be asked to complete more than 200 questions.

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