A degree in archaeology provides you with the qualifications to research artifacts, things humans made and used in the past, at historical sites around the world. Some archaeologists serve art museums and galleries by researching arts and crafts. Others help social scientists learn about past cultures by researching objects found in ancient communities. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of the profession, archaeology degree programs can be attached to university fine arts divisions or social science divisions, depending on the university.

Apply to an archaeology degree program. Click on the "Apply Now" button on your chosen university homepage. Provide personal and educational information as required by the application. Write and submit an essay detailing your intended major and career goals. Because archaeology programs are located in four-year colleges and universities, you must provide the college with SAT, ACT or TOFEL scores, depending on your university's admission requirements.

Complete the undergraduate core curriculum. Some universities require first- and second-year undergraduate students to complete coursework before taking courses in their majors. Core curriculum coursework includes English composition, college math, hard and soft science courses, arts and foreign languages. Your university may allow you to take 100-level anthropology and classical studies courses, such as Greek and Roman civilization, during your first and second year.

Enroll in upper-level archaeology coursework. Upper-level archaeology coursework includes seminars that focus on specific time periods, world regions and events. Such coursework can include, but is not limited to, in-depth studies of Old World cultures in Africa, the Mediterranean region and the Middle East, or in-depth studies of Asian and New World cultures.

Complete on-site training. Some, but not all, archaeology degree programs require you to participate in on-site internships. Internships usually take place during the summer session at archaeological sites in the United States or abroad, depending on your university's relationships with sponsoring research institutions.

Write your thesis. Archaeology students are required to conduct research and write a thesis to be eligible for a degree. Your thesis research could be an extension of your on-site internship experience or could involve conducting detailed archaeological research in museum collections.

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