U.S. customs broker courses prepare students to pass the Customs Broker License Examination. Candidates must be at least 21 years of age and a U.S. citizen. No previous college credits are required to enroll in customs broker courses. These courses cover regulations about import and export laws, how to classify tariffs, U.S. customs laws and custom valuations. Candidates can study courses at home, online or in the classroom.

American Customs Broker License Exam Course

The American Customs Association (ACA) is an independent organization located in Hollywood, Florida. The U.S. State Department and the Food and Drug Administration praised the ACA as one of the premier companies to offer courses in customs brokerage. The American Customs Association also offers continuing education courses for licensed custom brokers. The 23-lesson course is available on a DVD, along with previous customs exams, a reference library, study guide sheets and quizzes. Students learn at their own pace and receive a $50 rebate check when they pass the Customs Broker License Examination. Course topics include the foreign trade zone, record keeping, special entry procedures, NAFTA rules and the HOPE II Act.

Logistics Training Systems

Logistics Training Systems has multiple customs broker programs to choose from. Students can choose one of the seven study programs, either available in a study-at-home format, through distance learning or by attending the Miami evening program. There is also a five-day accelerated classroom program offered in Orlando, Florida. The Miami evening course is approved by the Florida Bar as a certified continuing education course and the five-day classroom program is certified by the Alabama Bar. Students receive a textbook that covers everything, from duties and responsibilities of a customs broker to importer security filing. Students also receive a work book with previous exams and important forms, such as Form 19. Coursework also includes information about special programs, such as NAFTA rules and foreign free trade agreements.

National Customs Broker and Forwarders Association of America

The NCBFAA offers a customs broker preparation course. There are three programs students can choose from: a four-day workshop certificate program, a two-day intensive exam preparation or an eight-week distance learning course. The four-day workshop offers three webinars, four interactive 7.5-hour classes, eight weeks of study materials to use after the course is over and daily complimentary breakfast. The distance learning course allows you to learn at your own pace and provides eight weeks of study materials and an online coach. The two-day class is primarily for customs professionals who need a refresher course.

Export Import Law Institute

The law firm of Gonzalez, Rolon, Valdespino and Rodriguez and the Export Import Law Institute offer an online customs broker course that provides students daily assistance 24 hours a day. All quizzes, course materials and class work are provided, and homework and tutorials are personalized for each student. This course also offers special sessions called “boot camps;” these are rigorous, in-person sessions with teachers and fellow students. The Export Import Law Institute's website also has an examination page that acts as a study guide information sheet for the Customs Broker Examination.

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